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- Introduction In the module Counselling Theories, we have learned eight different therapies in counselling. With different social backgrounds and experiences, there are different views of human nature in different approaches. With different approaches, there are strengths and shortcomings. More than one counselling concepts and techniques are implied during the therapeutic process. In this essay, I am going to illustrate how I integrate different counselling theories, the reason of choice and the caution of the theory. I have chosen three counseling models in my therapeutic approach. The primary theory I would take is Cognitive Behavioral Approach. I would also draw techniques and ideas from Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages and Murray Bowen’s Multigenerational family therapy. - Primary Approach – Cognitive Behavioral Approach (CBT) Key concept of CBT The approach put heavy emphasis on ones cognition. It is believed that how one thinks influence one’s feelings and behavior. The changing of cognitions or the way one process information is important. - Therapeutic goals and how you would decide upon goals My belief I was born in a family with history of mental illness. My grandmother is a patient with schizophrenia. Her daughter, my aunt is also suffering from the same illness. My uncle is addicted from gambling. When trace back to the family history, my great-grandmother is also suffering from the mental illness, too. Apart from the biological reasons, I believe the family-of-origin pays an important role. I have been staying with my grandmother since I was born. I was detached from my family-of-origin. Even though I was supposed to be attached with my grandmother, I could not as I did not know what triggered her. Years later, when I was studying in University, I moved and stayed with my parents. However, my father did not have good temper and

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