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CONTENTS PAGE 1. INTRODUCTION 2 2. BASIC COUNSELING SKILLS 4 3. REFLECTION ON COUNSELING SESSION 7 4. CONCLUSION 9 5. REFERENCES 10 6. ATTACHMENT INTRODUCTION Counseling is an activity designed to help people, and is intended to help people take the right decision. It involves two people: the client and the counselor, and is usually carried out only by someone who has undergone training, holds qualifications and has a depth of experience in counseling. It is a way of addressing a client’s problems by talking them through with someone who is supportive, and who is not directly involved in the situation. In counseling, the counselor: • give the client an opportunity to talk (in confidence) about whatever is troubling them. This is achieved by listening effectively to what the client is saying. • enable the client to express their feelings, emotions, attitudes and beliefs, fears and anxieties, dreams and goals. • help the client explore and understand their difficulties by using a variety of different techniques to help the client explore what is important to them. The counselor can offer their insights into how the client acts, thinks and feels. • help the client try and find ways of managing their difficulties more effectively by empowering the client to work out their own solutions to problems. • can help the client accept what cannot be changed. • can also help the client to identify choices for the future and support and guide the client. Nurse educators come from different backgrounds. Some educators undergo formal training as counselors, while others have not had any training in this helping service. I have been with the college for close 2 years now and have had no formal training on counseling. I have always asked myself if I could handle this ‘helping’ interaction

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