Coulrophobia Essay

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COULROPHOBIA DAWN JENKINS SOCL120-1401A-03 January 10, 2014 COULROPHOBIA 1 While conducting my interviews on Coulrophobia, I discovered it to be extremely fascinating in the answers that I have accepted. The individual that I talked with that was under the age of 40 had provided for them me the accompanying reactions. The point when inquired as to whether they loved comedians and what they considered them, their answer was that they discovered them to be interesting on how they singled out one another. This individual was not frightened of them whatsoever and found that all comedians, that they had seen were exceptionally beautiful had enormous feet and entertaining hair. Upon my interview with people under 40 I discovered that one individual thinks that they are creepy and that their face is distorted and is not amusing at all. This person does not feel comfortable with people in disquise because they don’t know what is lurking behind the mask. The second person statement: Abbey Davis (15) – “I am terrified of clowns. They are mysterious and unknown. I think this is because you can't see there eyes or facial expressions. I enjoy scary movies and I think that has a lot to do with my fear of clowns.

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