Coulibri Estate Essay

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How does Marlon James rewrite Jean Rhys’s Coulibri? Marlon James rewrites Jean Rhys’s Coulibri in almost opposite way as it is described in Wide Sargasso Sea. The book of Night Women takes place during the early 1800s therefore it foregrounds the daily uncertainties and horrors of slavery in the 18th century Montpelier and Coulibri estate of Jamaica. During that period,the master or the whites of the plantations of Montpelier, Coulibre seek to maintain the line between themselves and slaves through the whip and the gun. Ownership of the slaves granted the masters power to use these slaves in their favor, wether it be in the fields or their houses. Coulibri during early 1800s was very well maintain, as it was owned by Massa Northbert Roget , who was quite wealthy due to his work and inherited wealth. Slaves employed to work for Coulibri were very well disciplined and trained to maintain Coulibri to its glory, wether it be house condition inside or outside. Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea was set during the mid 1800s, when Britain passed the Emancipation Act of 1833 which freed black slaves and led to the demise of many white slave owners. Therefore, Coulibri described by Rhys is in a state of disrepair and decay, the Estate represents the downfall of the colonial empire and the aftermath of its exploitative reign in the West Indies. This is evident by its condition which is described by Antoinette when she says, “ All of Coulibri Estate had gone wild like the garden, gone to bush” (Rhys, p. 17) . The slaves in James’s Coulibri were given nice lacy dress and petticoat along with shoes, which furthermore confirms the fact that Coulibri was quite prosperous and sustained. On the contrary, In Rhys’s Coulibri the masters themselves wore torn dress. We can conclude that description of Coulibri Estate by both the authors was different, as they wrote in different time
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