could nazi's win ww2 Essay

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Hitler could have possibly won the ww2 had he adhered to his general's word. They strictly warned him that it would of be no use to attack Soviet Union ,since the boundary were too vast and territory large enough ,which made it difficult to conquer and after conquering the maintianance of the territory under occupation . But Hitler too had his reason to attack.He told his generals that he would be outcasted by the people of germany had he not fulfilled his promise of the ARYAN empire. The jumping of USA into ww2 was a major blow to the nazi war machine as the industrial and military aid given to Soviet's by the US resulted in a stronger industrial capacity of the USSR and helped them fight the mighty german war machine . The siging of the "Land Lease Act" between the UK and Soviet Union allowed the USA to give military aid to both the state's in lieu of land right promised to USA for a period of 100 years. Had Hiler concentrated on the allied front only he could have eaily crumbled the Allied War Machinery as his forces,tanks and planes were feared all over the Europe,and his war machinery was declared as invincible by the allied forces only . The initial bombings of the Luftwafe(German Air force) on British coast was a great success.But a severe mistake was also committed over there . Hitler preffered to attack civilian target's ,and completly going against the adivice of his Air Generals to attack on the military targets. According to the facts ,if he had staged a marine attack on the British Banks of Norwhich or Dover,he could have easily conquered the the British Island as Britian of ti's own could not had resisted the German Invasion . It was only due to Roosevelt intervention that resulted in britain gaining a large number of Naval Destroyers and other material aid to help them fight German War Machine

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