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I have chosen to study abroad through SDSU because I feel like it would be an amazing life changing experience. Many times in an individuals lifetime they dream of being able to travel to different countries, but unfortunately are not able to due to a variety of different reasons; many due to finances. Without programs such as SDSU exchange, I honestly do not think I would have the chance to visit other countries in my lifetime, so I think it is amazing that SDSU offers various programs that make studying abroad a little more achievable. I have decided to study abroad to take advantage of the opportunities I am being offered by attending SDSU. Ever since I was a kid I have wanted to visit the United Kingdom because that is where the Spice Girls were from. Flash forward to the present, although my reasons for wanting to visit the United Kingdom have changed, it is still my dream. The SDSU exchange program suits the best for me because it allows me to pay the SDSU tuition fee which helps significantly when it comes to the costs of studying abroad. I selected to study at the University of Kent because it seems to be in an amazing part of the United Kingdom and it also carries my major, Statistics. I have heard so many great things from friends who have visited and studied in the United Kingdom so I am looking forward to have the opportunity to do so as well. One of the reasons that I am choosing to apply to the University of Kent is because the fact that they carry my major, so as for fitting my academic requirements, I hope to be able to take a few of my major courses as well as get some GE courses while studying there. As for my personal goals, I hope to take advantage of the fact that I will be in a new country and embrace the culture around me. I want to visit different parts of the surrounding city and possibly travel a bit from Canterbury to London or Belgium.

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