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Good Morning Pat, WOW! What a first day this is turning out to be! You know from speaking with me during the interview process that I am excited to start my journey with Cost Club. I understand there are many things to accomplish and I am looking forward to meeting the team in the next week or so. As you know, Cost Club (University of Phoenix, n.d.) is on the cutting edge with what we do and products we sell. Competition in this industry is fierce, especially around the holidays. With the expansion we are currently experiencing, we need to ensure we are all up to date on human resource concerns that can affect our operation. I have reviewed the emails you sent me this morning and would like to provide some thoughts for your review. Discharges at the Anderson store I am concerned about the General Manager terminating two employees without providing a valid reason, claiming to be a downsizing of staff. The employees who were let go were in good standing and should have been provided with reasoning behind their terminations. This is a concern especially if other employees with less seniority were allowed to remain in their positions. This can put the Company at a higher risk for a wrongful termination lawsuit to be filed. I am also concerned that the General Manager may not have sufficient documentation to support these terminations. Granted, the General Manager was following the employment at will clause, but we need to ensure we are working WITH our Managers in the field to make sure this does not happen again. If we stick to the idea that this was a downsizing, it does not violate the WARN Act because there were only two people let go. I understand that the store may need to reduce staffing levels for various reasons, but I would like to see a partnership developed between the region and Human Resources so that we can review the paperwork prior to

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