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Cost Club Michelyn Johnson HRM/546 May 12, 2014 Brian La Hargoue Cost Club | Cost Club | Memo To: | Pat La Hargoue | From: | Michelyn Johnson | Date: | May 12, 2014 | Re: | HR Resolutions | | | Message 1: Discharges at the Anderson Cost Club Store The Anderson Cost Club store which is located in a right to work state is allowed to terminate an employee without giving a rationale. Because the general manager stated he let the two employees go due to downsizing his workforce in his store he would have to provide evidence of that. The downsizing of the organization is legal because it does not violate the WARN Act. There are issues I would address and make the general manager aware of to prevent costly litigation.…show more content…
An independent contractor has benefited as one who does a “job for a price, decides how the work will be done, usually hires others to do the work, and depends for their income not upon wages, but upon the difference between what they pay for goods, materials and labor and what they receive for the end result, that is upon profits.” “A contingent worker is one whose job with an employer is temporary, is sporadic, or differs in any way from the norm of full-time employment. As used by the EEOC, the term “contingent worker” includes those who are hired by an employer through a staffing firm, as well as temporary, seasonal, and part-time workers, and those considered to be independent contractors rather than employees”(Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007). With that an employee of Cost Club will following the policies and procedures set for them. This includes the details of their job. The location they work, how many hours they work, what benefits are offered to them and any other factors that are related to employment. Independent contractors of Cost Club are given job or task that needs to be completed and they decide on the method they will take to complete it, how long it will take them, and they are not under Cost Club’s control or direct supervision. They also do not receive benefits from Cost…show more content…
By utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution which “is a process in which a third party neutral assists the disputants in reaching an amicable resolution through the use of various techniques” (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2014). There are a number of different types of ADR techniques that can be used to resolve issues. The first would be Mediation. “Mediation is presently the most popular form of ADR in use by agencies in employment-related disputes. Mediation is the intervention in a dispute or negotiation of an acceptable impartial and neutral third party, who has no decision-making authority. The objective of this intervention is to assist the parties in reaching a mutually-acceptable resolution of the issues in dispute” (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2014). Second alternative is Peer Review. Peer Review can be described as “a problem-solving process where an employee takes a dispute to a group or panel of fellow employees and managers for a decision. The decision is not binding on the employee, and s/he would be able to seek relief in traditional forums for dispute resolution if dissatisfied with the decision. The principal objective of peer review is to resolve disputes early before they become formal complaints” (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2014). The last technique I would recommend using is Facilitation. This technique is used to improve the flow of information in a

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