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Cost Club Store Scenario Two HRM 546 October 29, 2012 Prof. Kenneth Goldsmith Memo To: Pat Goldsmith Club Cost Store Human Resources Manager From: Club Cost Store Assistant Manager Date: October 29, 2012 Re: Downsizing The Cost Club human resources manager Pat Goldsmith has sent to new assistant manager from the same department an e-mail; petitioning a downsizing in the HR department. The request asks to go from eight staff members to only five. The manager is requesting to recommend three employees to be terminated. Furthermore, to provide legal employment justifications that may be valid in the termination of the three staff members. The manager also requires from recommendations on how to prepare in the event the workers decide to seek legal action against the organization. Last, the manager is requesting a comparison chart of the employees and the opinion of the assistant manager in regard of the possibilities of wining any discrimination lawsuit. Recommended Employees Indentified for termination I have identified the employee for termination based on their work experience and job function that could be assimilated by the rest of the five remaining employees in the human resources (HR) department. The following are: •Diane/Ten years of service- records specialist handling the health care issues and compensation matters for the company. •Greg/Five years of service- have learned to do complex work however, not trained in real HR work. He has helped in the tech hiring process for the company. •Horatio/Six months of service- has been place in the HR department and has learned the basic of health and insurance however, not a full experienced employee in this area. The three employees identified are 2 male and one female. The principle employment law that are relevant to all three

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