Cosmic Myth Worksheet

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University of Phoenix Material Cosmic Myth Worksheet Choose two myths from each of the following myth categories: creation, flood, afterlife, and apocalypse. Answer the following questions for all eight myths. Creation Myths |Myth 1: |Religion or culture of origin: This story is from the Cherokee | |The Story of Corn and Medicine |culture. | |Myth 2: |Religion or culture of origin: This story is from the Maori | |The Separation of Heaven and Earth |culture. | • Who created the world? o Myth 1:In the Cherokee myth, the story of corn and medicine, insects and animals initiated the creation of the world (Creation stories, n.d.) o Myth 2: The world always existed; it was just in a state of darkness because the two ancient ancestors whom represented heaven and earth refused to be separated to let light in (Creation stories, n.d.). • Who were the main characters involved? What was the process? o Myth 1: Before the earth was created, all life was housed in Galunlati. When this location became too crowded, the water beetle came down to the mix of water and darkness that comprised what would soon become the earth and found mud in the water. This mud expanded until it because and island susopended in the sky. The buzzard is the next character in the myth who flew down from GAlunlati, flapped his arms against the ground and created mountains and valleys in the new earth. Whne the earth was dry, the animals directed the sun to travel across the sky as it does today(Creation stories, n.d.). o Myth 2: The main characters were Rangi, the ancestor

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