Cosmic Creation Myths Vs Greek Mythology

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Cosmic Creation Myths Reese Kiple University of Phoenix HUM/105 October 29, 2013 Terry Bovinet This week’s individual assignment introduces examples of cosmic creation myths throughout different cultures of the world. With the use of the readings of week two and the myth section of the Big Myths website as a reference for a 700 to 1,050 paper. The paper will consist of a comparison of two creation myths from two different cultures. The myths used in this paper are from the Greek and Norse cultures. The content of the paper will contain a description of the worlds and elements of worlds, creator’s gender, role of cosmic occurrences, and similarities and differences in the two myths. The creation of the world from the…show more content…
The evolution of creation among these cultures is heading toward a class structure of male leadership. The creators of these new societies were driven by Great Goddesses and Great Gods. The Greek society tells a story of creation moving from a mother - dominated culture to a father dominated one. The Norse kings claimed Odin as the patriarch of their male - dominated class structure. Odin is considered the father of both gods and humans. He is the oldest of the 12 gods and 12 goddesses. Odin and his wife, Frigg gave birth to Thor who became the strongest of all gods. Another son of Odin’s is Baldar, who was killed by the son of the giant Loki. The death of Baldar is the first indication that Ragnarok is approaching. After three terrible winters and much fighting the high ones will be destroyed and the world burned to the ground. After the endless winters one man, Lif, and one woman Lifthrasir, survive become the parents of the next race of human beings. In Greek mythology after the Chaos arose Gaia a divine being and supreme mother. She gave birth to her equal Uranus without the assistance of a male figure. Uranus and Gaia produced six male and six female Titans as well as the Cyclopes and Hundred Handed ones. The most notable son Cronus convinced by his mother to castrate his father after Uranus banished the Titans, Cyclops and Hecatonchires to Tarturus. Cronus would marry his sister Rhea and follow a…show more content…
The Norse myth described Ginnungagap as possessing no heaven, earth, sand, grass, nor waves of the sea out of the Northern part Niflhiem formed and out of the Southern part Muspelheim formed. Niflhiem is a cold, icy, foggy and harsh place. Muspelheim described as a hot, bright, flaming world. The Greeks explained that from the original emptiness called Chaos three immortal beings emerged. The beings included were Mother Earth, Tartarus, and

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