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Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Tiffany Lakes HUM/105 November 12, 2012 Terry Jones Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures In this paper I will pick at two creation myths from two different cultures. I will be discussing which worlds or worlds such as sky, earth, and underworld, are represented in the myths I chose and also what are the elements of these worlds in a more explanation way. Describing the creators and are the creators male or female, and of what significance is gender in both stories. I will be telling what they created, including the steps or the cycles of the creation. This will include any destroyers or destruction to these cultures. This is including…show more content…
Atum is the god who created everything ("The Big Myth", 2011-2015). Reading this myth there was a few accounts of things mentioned such as the earth, the heavens, the light and the dark also the sky. The children of Atum who was the keeper of the world and have to make it a go place to be rather than the horrible darkness the nu has now. Atum who is the God of the earth had two children who went on to produce two children Geb and Nut. They would become the earth and the sky. Tefnut and Shu also produced six other Gods Isis, Hathor, Osiris, Seth, Thoth and Nephthys who had their roles in this creation. Atum’s children Tefnut and Shu got out lost and Atum is so sad that he sends his all seeing eye around to find them, and when the eye finds him he cries tears of joy which fall to earth and become the first men ("The Big Myth", 2011-2015). Figuring out this myth it says that Atum is neither male nor female but is able to produce life on his own. The power of life beings in this culture is a good representation. I feel that the only thing in this story that gives it a remote cosmic occurrence of what would be now is the light and dark which is today’s night and day for the earth…show more content…
During this period of the myth the earth was formed with a sky, heaven and the earth. The moon and stars were formed as well and the moon became Pachacamama who was Pachacamacs wife. The both of them were over the heavens and the earth together who came to earth to form human out of rock. Gods that ruled over the earth seen that the first were not that intelligent and could not survive it to well so they bore two children and sent them to earth to teach the humans. They thought them how to hunt and prepare food. The two children of Pachacamac decide to settle in Hunacari and build home. They both became the first humans of Inca. The husband settled in the north and the wife in the south. I see that in here the men being more of the dominate ones precisely where the villages are from each other the males are high and the women are lower. The cosmic occurrences are very few, when Pachacamac grows lonely and the moon is created but goes back to Adam and Eve from the biblical stand

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