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Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Is cosmetic surgery right for you? Making the decision to have cosmetic surgery can become a real task, if you do not know the right channels for obtaining information. The cosmetic surgery industry has become very popular since the 1960. Now that we are in the 21 century there are far more doctors performing surgery. There are many cons to having surgery that can lead to death. Choosing the right doctor is very important, for some people surgery can become addictive. While many Americans watch cosmetic surgery being performed on TV with no problems, surgery can be addictive, costly, and may lead to death.
    Cosmetic surgeries began over 4,000 years ago with many people wanting to make their appearance better. The term Cosmetic Surgery means to alter a person’s physical appearance for self improvement or self-enhancement. Cosmetic surgery was not very popular until the 19th century. Over the years surgery has become more popular thanks to the American Medical Community. After the communities embrace, cosmetic surgery was introduced into the United Sates (Friedberg 2007)
In the 1960’s and 1970’s surgery became more popular, and surgeons were making history in many areas. The rapid growth of cosmetic surgery has caused many people to get sucked into the everlasting pretense, that their lives will become complete in some way by changing their appearance.  
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports, the average cost for surgery can range anywhere from $2,840 - $8,403 depending on what is being done. Depending on the type of surgeon and the region in which one resides fees and cost can vary. Making the decision to have surgery preformed can become costly, cosmetic surgery is sometimes looked at as an elective surgery. Usually, the cost of surgery is not covered by insurance companies, unless it is medically necessary.  
Many patients consult with their physicians to come up with ways to pay for surgery, i.e. making installment payments, using...

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