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Why South Korean accepts cosmetic surgery more effortlessly compared to other countries? Table of contents Abstract 2. Justification 3. Introduction 4. Current cosmetic surgery’s state of affairs in South Korea 5. Factors surrounded by cosmetic surgery 6.1 Technology with cosmetic surgery 6.2 K-pop contribution to cosmetic surgery 5.3 Reality TV show hypes cosmetic surgery crazy 5.5 Social impacts on cosmetic surgery 6. Prices of cosmetic procedures in South Korea 7. Conclusion 8. Recommendation 9. References 1. Abstract Cosmetic surgery in South Korea has become a significant phenomenon and it is regarded as the cosmetic surgery mecca over the world (Beth, 2012). In the past few years, the country has established itself as the world’s highest rate of cosmetic surgery procedures done every year. Cosmetic surgery has become so prevalent in South Korea and the public attitudes to cosmetic surgery have become increasingly optimistic. Korean cosmetic surgeons are abundant, reliable and cheap compared to any other countries in the world and take full advantage of massive amount of media in the advertisements. It is believed that Korean media and entertainment culture such as k-pop and TV show can stimulate and give a message that encourage people to be aware of their appearance. Besides, the technology also has helped to drive the trend. The main purpose of this article shows the reason why cosmetic surgery is so accepted in South Korea and how does people think about the cosmetic surgery. 2. Justification As a student studying marketing, exploring the relationship between the media and acceptance of cosmetic surgery among the South Koreans will help the researcher to identify innovative marketing strategy. Through this topic, it clearly showed that there will be many factors that can influence the marketing. If one

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