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Plastic Surgery For Teens by Valerie Ulene People with low self-esteem choose cosmetic surgery as an option to a better self-esteem. Both texts seem in general to agree on the view on cosmetic surgery. Though text one, who is called ‘’Plastic surgery for teens’’ by Valerie Ulene, this text focus more on the surgery while text number two do focus more on the image and self-esteem. Text one and two do in some point agree the problem and consequences of cosmetic surgery. Diane Zuckerman who is the president of the National Research Center for Women and Families, does in both articles tell about her relation to the issues, cosmetic surgery. Diane Zuckerman do in the first article by Valerie Ulene, emphasizes the problem of our modern world’s view on beauty and our unrealistic ideals. Her opinion of this issue shows no evidence of higher self-esteem after you get a cosmetic surgery. Valerie Ulene who has written the article asks the surgeons themselves, but refer to Dr. John Canedy. He is the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. John Canedy seems to have a critical view on cosmetic surgeries, especially among young adults or teens. But even though Dr. John’s view is critical, he does not exclude the possibility of a stronger self-esteem by a cosmetic surgery, but Dr. John Canedy’s also mean that the surgeons select their patients carefully. Text two, ‘’Seeking Self-Esteem through Surgery’’ by Camille Sweeney does it also focus on the beauty issues of the modern society, as mentioned before in text one. It says ‘’a culture of celebrity obsession and makeover TV shows’’. That is how our society is today. Jean Kilbourne who is a co-author of ‘’So Sexy, So Soon’’, who emphasizes the impossibilities of facing the values of beauty. Ann Kearney-Cooke, who is another co- author, does characterize the tendency as ‘’an epidemic of low

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