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Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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  • on March 14, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Cosmetic Surgery" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Liposculpture and Lipolysis are synonyms for liposuction. That is, they are different terms for the same procedure.
Liposuction is the suctioning of excessive, localised fat deposits to reshape disproportionate or unsightly contours of the body, producing pleasing body lines. Body shape is basically genetic in origin and is reflected in both our musculo-skeletal frame and the distribution of overlaying fat. There is also a strong hormonal influence. Liposuction succeeds where diet and exercise fail.
The definition of areas suitable for liposuction are ‘Those unsightly, localised deposits of fat, genetically determined, that do not go with diet and exercise’.
Tiny, well placed ‘nicks’ are made in the skin, through which tumescent fluid (a combination of saline, local anaesthesia and a vaso-constrictor) is introduced into the fat. The fat is then suctioned using a cannula (suction tube) to contour the area.
Good results require attention to detail from the time of examination at the initial consultation through to performance of the procedure itself. The operator must have an artistic eye for ideal body contours and, prior to operation, should mark the areas accurately. In performing the procedure, care must be taken to remove the right amount of fat from each area, since the purpose is to produce aesthetically pleasing contours.
Removal of more fat from any area beyond what is necessary to produce an aesthetic shape will produce an unattractive flat contour, or worse, a concavity (scooped out appearance). Excessive fat removal also causes dimpling or gross irregularity of the area.
A special medical compression garment is worn for several weeks after the procedure to support the newly shaped contours and aid the skin to retract smoothly and firmly. When performing liposuction of multiple areas, the sterility of the operation area and patient safety and comfort are best achieved by using light general anaesthesia...

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