Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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*Cosmetic S*urgery It is not all when you have money. The risks during the operation are also very high. Just a little mistake can cause a big problem. The possible complications can be abnormal heart rhythm, serious brain damage, heart attack, nerve damage, temporary paralysis, etc. The common risk of cosmetic surgery is blood loss. Bleeding is a very normal response of the body that happens in any operation. However, if there is excessive bleeding, it can create major complications. If you are bleeding a lot during operation time, the surgeon has to be very calm so that he can stop the bleeding vein. It will be another story if you bleed after the surgery. You will have to have another surgery and it costs more money. That is why I’m not just talking about time wasting and health decreasing. Blood pressure is also very dangerous. The risks after the operation are also a big trouble including skin death, slow skin healing, irregularities, numbness, blood clots, etc. At this time, slow skin healing and blood clots are major things to discuss. The purpose of having cosmetic surgery is to be more beautiful. Therefore, you will want to get out of the house as soon as possible so people can gaze at you with veneration or even with desire. How can you get out if are still a lot of blood clots or your skin is not ready to be seen? These two problems are not really the faults of the surgeon or any other things; it is in you. So if you have to face this situation, the only options you have is to stay home and wait until everything is in correct order. Even though, there are lots of cons. Some TV programs broadcast some pros about plastic surgery, like pursued to enhance the magnificence of the person and then they are going to choose which one would be best for them. A TV program down in Venezuela says, “The main reason to adopt cosmetic plastic surgery

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