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cosmetic surgery Essay

  • Submitted by: ocvaldez
  • on December 2, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Cosmetic Surgery
“Changing something in my body will make me look different in life?”
I wanted to open my reaction paper with this phrase because I want people to read and think about this issue. I am talking about cosmetic surgery. Why can’t people accept the way God made them? Why does everybody have to complain about themselves? Cosmetic surgery in my opinion is for people that need it. For example I saw a television show that was about a kid that had an extra skin connect from his mouth to his chest. The doctors had to help him out; the only way was to give him surgery and cut that skin off. In other words people that are interfere or having problems with their life, could do plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery that’s what I mean by people needing it. There are some people that have opinions about cosmetic surgery that are different. Some people agree with it, some don’t.
According to (Debra L. Gimlin) “Board – certified plastic surgeons performed more than 2.2 million procedures in 1999, a 44 percent increase since 1996 and striking 153 percent increase since 1992”. When I read this I was shocked I could not believe

what I read. I as a woman I look at this number, 2.2 million and I put myself down. I am disappointed because the females are basically doing cosmetic surgery more than men and us woman are getting a bad impression. People are looking at me as if I had plastic surgery because I keep myself in shape.

They look at me that way because females are messing up our reputation doing cosmetic surgery. Don’t get me wrong, I have aunts that have done cosmetic surgery. But all of them in the end had something wrong. They had, infection, they had cosmetic surgery that went wrong, or they just were not happy with the results.
Now a day you will read a magazine or a newspaper and there is always something about cosmetic surgery or loosing weight. Why can’t we have our beauty that God gave us like I said before? The thing is that you will see people...

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