Cosmetic Procedures Essay

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Cosmetic surgery is very popular when an individual are considering changing their appearance, but patients should always research the different risks before acquiring cosmetic surgery. Many patients are into changing the appearance for self-esteem issues that they do not look at the serious complications possible in any cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery has become a very popular surgery throughout the world, for both men and woman. Cosmetic surgery raised in 2007 by more than 25% (Lia Trambly, 2008). Cosmetic surgery has become a multi-billion dollar business; many people have surgery to make their appearance different. The most popular procedures among woman are breast implantation, liposuction, Botox, and penile implants. Breast implantation surgery can have little too many risks and complications during or even after surgery. Risk in breast implant surgery are small but can pose severe risk to a patient’s health. Risks can go from excess bruising or bleeding, hematoma, seroma, and hematoma. During the first month of recovery an implant patient can experience different problems such as swelling, tenderness, bleeding, scarring, and little to no sensation in the breast area.” There are some risks that the patient can experience but are very rare like tissue atrophy and delayed healing. Even though these risks are very rare the patient should still be aware and take them into consideration (eVolve Medical Group, a division of CMTM, Inc., 2009-11-13 22:00:36). “Patients can also experience complications due to the breast implants themselves such as breast asymmetry, chest wall deformity, malpositioning, loss of the natural breast tissue, wrinkling, implant visibility, dimpling, and puckering (Healism, 2009).” Patients seeking a larger breast size have the higher risks for complications when acquiring breast implantation surgery. Even

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