Cosi - Themes

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Louis norwa explores developing relationships in his play Cosi by developing the notions of love and fidelity, the line between sanity and insanity as well as learning and self discovery to help emphasise Lewis' journey of personal growth. This experience for lewis helps find a deeper understanding of himself, the patients and the world around him. 'Cosi fan tutte' is the opera within the play, written by motzart. Lewis is a first time director and uni drop out and is putting on this opera with the help of his friend nick while they deal with a cast of mental patients in an attempt to try a new therapy to help them 'come out of their shells'. The concept of love and fidelity is explored through lewis's relationship with lucy and julie. Acording to motzarts 'cosi fan tutte' fidelity is just an idea that is not achieved. He encourages males to see that all women are unfaithfull in relationships. Nowra illustrates this through the relationship between lewis and lucy. while she's sleeping with lewis she's 'having sex with nick'. When Lewis finds out about lucy's deception, she disregards his feels and in defence says " its not as if we were maried or something." This proves the concept in " cosi fan tutte' is right. It's also right in saying that " woman's constancy is like the arabian pheonix, everyon swears it exists, but no one has seen it". The simile used in this quote emphasises the lack of fidelity within both texts. Even thought the women are portayed as unfaithful in both texts, so are the men. In 'cosi fan tutte' the men do not participate in adultary however they both disguise themselves as albainians. Their deception is a betrayal of their wives trust. As seen in 'cosi', when the stage lights black out, lewis shares a kiss with Julie, however later on it's revealed that julie has a girlfriend she'd rather be with. From this you can see
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