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Cosi Observation Essay

  • Submitted by: crpelfrey
  • on October 23, 2011
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The Center of Science and Industry (COSI) museum in Columbus, Ohio held a
demonstration for chemistry. During the observation I was able to see different
demonstrations that involve liquid nitrogen.   Throughout the experiments he would
involve the audience by asking questions and asking for volunteers. In the following
paragraphs I will be talking about the strengths, weaknesses, inquiry learning,
questioning techniques, assessment, and adaptations of the lesson. However, I was not
able to observe any differentiations of the lesson or any incorporation of other content
areas during the presentations.
During the present ions of chemistry at the COSI museum there were several
strengths that I was able to observe. When he was introducing the experiments and
talking about the safety that was required he was very energetic and enthusiastic that
kept the entire audience, including the children, entertained so that they paid attention.
Another strength is that he was very knowledgable in the content that he was presenting
and he kept the audience entertained the entire time so that they were able to learn
from the experiments. He was also able to involve the audience in the experiments and
even had one boy help with an experiment. Before and during the experiments he used
the proper safety precautions and ensured that the audience covered their ears when
there was going to be a loud explosion.
During the observation I did not notice very many weaknesses because it was
very rehearsed and prepared but perhaps a few areas that could be improved in. The
first area that I could possibly be improved is to have more interactions with the
audience and had more volunteers to help with the experiments. Another area for
possible improvement is to have the audience raise their hand to answer questions so
that it was not as loud and would have given someone the chance to answer and feel
good because he or she got the...

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