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And I quote: Rare in individuals. But in groups, parties, nations and ages it is the rule. We call it madness. Gentleman, sir. No man thinks more highly than I do on the lack of sanity that derives our society. I’ll tell you why, nothing but facts. Open the English dictionary, it defines madness as a form of mental illness, a state of wild chaotic activity. Now if we go back in time, there’s famous spokesperson, philosophers, educators whom we take into account. They all elaborate and personify madness as a derivation of vitality, form of genius, sanity put to good use. You see, if I’m not mistaken, two of society’s most reliable sources contradict between their statements. And yet we haven’t come to the amusing part. Society is unable to differentiate let alone comprehend the difference between such astray notions. Gentleman, reflect and ponder, society should not define madness for us, society itself is mad. And in a mad world, only the mad are sane.…show more content…
By now we are all probably familiar with the context, the purpose of this play. I’ll just refresh your memory. Published in 1992, Louis Nowra sets the play against the backdrop of the politically volatile period of the Vietnam War. By setting the play in the early 1970’s, the play tends to offer a complimentary exploration. An exploration of a time. A time in which society embraces and nurtures madness as it’s something out of this world, radically speaking inhumane. Now take note. Cosi is a process. The gradual progress of the play fluctuates our personal interpretation on madness. This is where I want you to understand, the play should not be perceived as a HSC requirement. It should be indulged, as if we have willingl picked it off the

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