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Louis Nowra’s play Cosi is play-within-a-play ‘which is set in a Melbourne mental hospital in 1971.The play revolves around issues of loyalty, fidelity and betrayal. With this play Nowra represents his own idea of humanity; that nobody is perfect, yet we can deal with insanity and defect, by laughter or criticism. The character I have chosen is Henry, he’s a former lawyer, who is very shy, rarely speaks and avoids eye contact with others. The decisions Henry make help decide in which direction the play Cosi is going to take. The choice to continue on in the play ‘Cosi’ changed the character Henry. Henry’s reticence(re-dê-sênts ) is mirrored in the limited dialogue at the beginning of Cosi. Henry really starts to involve himself in the…show more content…
The conflict with Nick causes Henry to speak freely about his opinion “It is a war with meaning. It is to stop communism”, his stammer and shyness diminishes and becomes furious upon hearing that Nick supports Communism. For Henry this is Nick undoing his entire father’s hard work in the war. “I do not work with ttttraitors. Australia is at war against communists and you … you sssstab my father in the back.” The impact of this argument creates a divide between Lewis and Nick as well as the people who view the war as madness while others think it necessary. Louis Nowra, in the play Cosi has written about a transformation. It’s where their views and personality’s start to shift and change. The mental patient Henry has many ups and downs due to the decisions he has made and experienced throughout Cosi, like Henry playing the character Don Alfonso instead of fleeing, the fight with Nick and when he finally stands up to Roy. The differences shown in the character Henry are from the new connections made and the new experiences that the play brought him. It helps them discover themselves in different ways. The impacts made by Henry in the Nowra’s play Cosi are small but still significant, Henry still helped form in which direction the play

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