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Cosi Essay

  • Submitted by: emilygrace95
  • on February 3, 2012
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Close study of a successful play reveals how the dramatist cleverly integrates dramatic techniques, structure and ideas.
To what extent does this statement reflect your response to Cosi?
The close study of the play Cosi, by Louis Nowra uses a play within a play to cleverly emphasise dramatic techniques, structure and ideas. The use of literary and visual techniques as well as stage directions emphasises these dramatic techniques, ideas and structure.
Doing things for self-respect greatly outweighs doing things for material goods and doing so can change ones strength and courage to complete a challenge. The use of stage directions, [the theatre is plunged into darkness, Julie kisses Lewis, he responses and they kiss passionately] emphasises Lewis’ changing perspectives towards the patients at the mental institution. “I don’t want your help” conveys a turning point for Lewis who believes he can conduct this play by himself. “I sleep with you and have sex with him” emphasises the truths Lewis is finding out about his girlfriend cheating on him and his own identity to the world, that he must do this play for himself.
Through not knowing oneself, they cannot discover who they are, as darkness reveals truth but light hides it. This is conveyed by the start of the play, where Lewis doesn’t know himself. “I’m only doing this for the money” which conveys that Lewis doesn’t care for the play and therefore cannot be satisfied with the task undertaken. “Day outside but pitch black inside” emphasises the truths that can be revealed on the inside of the theatre if Lewis lets them be revealed. “We can’t do this without the music” emphasises that Roy, who thinks he’s directing the play, doesn’t believe Lewis will be able to make the play successful without the music.
The self-respect one earns can lead them to greater things if it is accepted, the light can reveal a path when truths have been found. As the play comes towards the end, the play within the play finishes. The...

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