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Cosi Essay

  • Submitted by: meikisss
  • on March 8, 2014
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When Lewis arrives at the asylum he is shy and lacking confidence. He is overwhelmed by the strong personalities of the patients, particularly Roy, and is mostly passive despite being the director. After the toilet fire, however, a shift in his relationship with the patients can be seen. Starting with his reaction to the fire itself where he runs around looking for a hose to clear the fire out. “A hose, I’ll get a hose”- Lewis. When Justin discovers what has happened he threatens t0 end the project. Cherry saves everyone but lying that she dropped a cigarette down the toilet. Lewis understands what Cherry is trying to do and he supports her by saying “That’s why she spends so much time in the toilets when she should be at rehearsal. It’s where she smokes” and convinces Justin to let the project run. Lewis can see their enthusiasm in performing in play. This is important because we see that the patients are not just insane and we also see that Lewis is starting to understand them.
When rehearsals resume, Lewis becomes more active in making decisions about the play. For example when Zac and Roy disagree about the overture “if I play the piano all night, it’s going to get boring. I’ll play the piano- accordion in the overture” says Zac. Roy disagrees about this but Lewis allows solves this by allowing everyone to express their opinions and make everything equal and fair for everybody.
Lewis is also seen to be more capable at handling Ruth’s obsessive concerns about the details 0f the play. When she asks “” I was wandering where you wanted me to walk and how many steps”. Lewis is frustrated and doesn’t think that everything should be done in detail but Roy and Ruth insists. Ruth is confused she is trying to figure out what is real wand what is fake. In the first scene Ruth asks will there be coffee. And Lewis replies saying that they can pretend to be drinking the coffee. Ruth is not happy with using the illusions.  
Significant development is also seen in Lewis’...

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