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Cosi Essay

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  • on September 4, 2012
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CWTC’s 2012 production of the play as an incursion - Overview:
Cosi is a two act play, act one containing four scenes and act two containing five scenes.
As CWTC’s production is specifically designed as an 85 minute incursion with minimal disruption to school timetabling, we have condensed the play to a single act while retaining each scene and the overall lineal, structural arc of the play as Nowra intended.
While the full play requires nine actors with two actors doubling characters, our touring production consists of five actors doubling and in some cases, tripling characters. In some scenes one actor will play more than one character during the course of the scene, changing costume and utilizing character transformation on stage. This dramatic device is used to great humorous effect in the ‘play within a play’ or the opera sequence that forms the climax of the play.
Due to time and casting constraints we chose to cut Zac, the catatonic musician, Wagner fan and designer of Cosi Fan Tutte. He is such a favorite character and we really struggled with losing him but found that ultimately he didn’t contribute thematically or structurally as importantly as the other characters. Nowra has set Cosi in a burnt out theatre and begins the play in darkness; later in the play a fuse blows and descends the stage darkness once more. As playing spaces vary from school to school, blackouts are a device that are impossible to achieve consistently and we have chosen to imagine, or ‘act’ the blackout. Apart from these structural adjustments, we have endeavoured to deliver an Australian classic as close as possible to as the playwright intended.

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