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Cosi Essay

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  • on June 17, 2012
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HSC Standard English – Alex Faulkner
Q1: Cosi is shaped by the decisions of significant characters. Select one significant character in the play and explore the impact of their choices and action.
Cosi, a play written by Louis Nowra, is shaped by the decisions of significant characters and due to the significance of a character the outcomes of these decisions can shape life and can affect other characters around them. Doug, Is a patient who was sent to the mental institution as a result of burning his mother’s cats and home. He is a pyromaniac – someone who gains satisfaction from deliberately starting fires. He also supports free love and is keen on the potential violence that may transpire at the moratorium. Through the notions of popular culture, love and fidelity and sanity in life can be affected by decisions made by Doug.  

Through the notion of popular culture, through the play Cosi, Doug’s identity can change through the trends of popular culture. In Cosi, Doug’s preferred composer is the 1950’s rock and roll artist Little Richard. When he first hears Roy mention ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ he mistakenly thinks he is referring to the Little Richard song ‘’Tutti Frutti’’. The use of contrasting of Little Richards song ‘’Tutti Frutti’’ against Cosi Fan Tutte, a classical Italian opera demonstrates two different genre’s. The two different music genre’s demonstrates that Roy and Doug have been changed through popular culture to like different kinds of music and thus changed their identity. Due to the popular culture of rock, the genre of classical wasn’t favoured and mainstream. This changed Cosi from a classical opera to a rock mainstream 1970’s play. The effect of this creates an understanding and portrayal of Doug’s life/identity. Through the notion of popular culture, Doug’s identity can change through the trends of popular culture.
The view of love and fidelity is viewed widely and changes from person to person. Doug’s view on love and fidelity itself is...

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