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The highly acclaimed play “Cosi” by Louis Nowra deals with many issues which were present in the revolutionary period of the 1970’s. It particularly deals with the changing attitudes and the ways some people had become the products of their environment. It also suggests that such people were invariably stereotyped as worthless. ‘Cosi’ highlights the importance of standing up for one’s beliefs and the satisfaction which one may obtain from showing the courage of one’s convictions. Like the other characters in the play, Lewis himself is very much a product of his family, upbringing and their ideas and beliefs he gains through his relationships with his close friends Nick and Lucy. At the start of the play Lewis, the protagonist, is depicted as a product of his environment. He was not only influenced by his family members, but also by his friends, the inmates of the asylum and the changing attitudes of the time. His first experience with asylums is a result of his grandmother being a patient at a mental asylum. He is influenced heavily by the ideas of Nick and Lucy. His belief that Love doesn’t mean much, not only reflects the attitudes of most people during the 1970’s but also shows Lucy’s influence on him, as demonstrated by his comment to Doug that “love is the last gasp of bourgeois romanticism”, a concept that he learned from his girlfriend Lucy. He shares Nick’s concern for the war in Vietnam and his political ideologies, evident in his support of the rallies organised by Nick. As a budding director Lewis is influenced by Nick’s philosophy that “...politics is the real theatre “ Lewis at this point has no real personal view on what theatre is for him. The fact that Justin mistakes him for an asylum patient indicates Lewis’ uncertain and hesitant identity. His not only unsure of himself but he’s unable to communicate a confident persona to others.

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