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Manag. Consult. cov only 7/11/02 11:09 AM Page 1 MANAGEMENT CONSULTING A Guide to the Profession Fourth editon MANAGEMENT CONSULTING This widely recognized reference work on the state of the art of management consulting offers an extensive introduction to consulting: its nature, professional standards, intervention methods, behavioural rules, current developments and future perspectives. It has been used both by students of consulting and seasoned practitioners worldwide, either in it’s English original or in one of the 13 editions in other languages. Today, the information and knowledge-based economy is creating new opportunities and challenges for consultants, who can find enough work and be well paid for their services, provided they are able to cope with complex and rapidly changing conditions, and meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated clients. In this climate, consultants must continuously “reinvent themselves”. More than ever, learning is a lifelong job for consultants. This fourth edition actively reflects and confronts these developments and challenges. KUBR Fourth edition MANAGEMENT CONSULTING A GUIDE TO THE PROFESSION New topics (all treated from a consultant perspective) include: e-business; knowledge management; total quality management; corporate governance; company transformation and renewal; social responsibility of business; intellectual property; public administration; and a guide to essential information sources. The entire text has also been substantially enhanced and updated. The book is an indispensable tool for individuals and organizations wishing to start consulting, become more competent at serving clients or manage consulting firms and assignments more effectively. Fourth edition “…the most comprehensive capture of the body of knowledge of management consulting …the most

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