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Second Letter of Hernan Cortes to Charles V The Second Letter of Hernan Cortes, sent to Charles V, presents a portrait of the new world, the Indians and their costumes before colonization. This second relation follows the journey of Hernan Cortez to Mexico City- Temixtitlan- to meet Moctezuma and describe the villages find around. Cortes in this letter takes care of communicating to the king of Spain the presence of gold and justifies their actions against the Indians. Furthermore, Cortes wants to justify all that has made against the Spanish soldiers and the conflict among themselves. Cortes does a thorough description of the new world, the wonders of the cities that is watching his step and compares somewhat with some cities in Spain, for the king has a clue as how they are, but he clarifies that he does not have words to describe its beauty. First, he describes the geography of Mexico and explains that Temixtitlan city is built on a salt lake, which is so beautiful; there are few words to describe it. Cortés wrote his letters with much description and detail, but it focuses a lot on the rich earth and Moctezuma. He constantly admires their richness and describes many things about the Aztecs, but the wealth indirectly concerned more. He described the clothing Moctezuma, his family, and his advisers as “cotton clothing” and that they had "many and various gold and silver jewelry and feathers.” Cortes used this speech to show the wealth of the land and this could justify why he wanted to invade Tenochtitlan. Also, he mentioned the greatness of the capital with the fact that they were at home “six hundred gentlemen.” He was referring to the structure of the city of four inputs and wide streets to get formed by artificial causeways that were surrounded by water. In addition, he wrote about the nature of resources meant of beauty. Cortés spoke of beautiful gardens

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