Hamlet And Corruption In Hamlet

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Hamlet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare in ca. 1600. In Hamlet, corruption is such a prevalent and growing theme that it branches out into the lives of many important people of Denmark. Corruption is an epidemic disease that grows and spreads, killing the people who surrounding it. Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle and King of Denmark, use corruption that leads to many disastrous events and in the end, results in a negative outcome for the people involved. The people of Denmark as well as the Hamlet and Polonius family are affected by Claudius’s corrupted ways. To begin with, the people of Denmark are affected by Claudius corrupted ways. First of all, Francisco, a guard for the king, believes Denmark is “sick at heart” (I.I.8) because…show more content…
Claudius does such an excellent job, that Gertrude believes her son is an insane man. Yet, Claudius’s corruption gets the better of him as she dies from a cup of poison intended for Hamlet. Secondly, Hamlet, the son of King Hamlet, is outraged and confused to find his father dead, his mother married to Claudius, and Claudius the newly self-proclaimed King. Hamlet becomes ferocious to the knowledge that Claudius kills his father by pouring yew sap in his ear. Claudius did so in order to gain access to the throne because he is at the top of the list of King Hamlet’s Line of Succession. Hamlet is convinced that he must kill Claudius in order to avenge his father’s “foul and most unnatural murder.” (I.V.25) Hamlet carefully plans the killing so that Claudius will go to hell in order for his father to be at peace. In addition, Hamlet is the only character in the play that knows the truth of his father’s death but is condemned by Claudius as a “madman that [must] not go unwatched.”(III.I.190) Therefore, Claudius’s royal servants and his wife, Gertrude, are convinced that Hamlet is an insane man whose words cannot be trusted. Claudius abuses his power even more by sending Hamlet’s school friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, to escort Hamlet to England to have him killed. In the end, Claudius‘s corruption gets the better of him as he is killed by his own poison that Hamlet inflected on him but Hamlet is also killed by the same poison. As a result, Claudius’s corruption has lead to the Hamlets’ death. Corruption is disease that has murdered many innocent people. Corruption started off as a greedy man doing whatever it takes to gain access to the throne, yet it led to the deaths of him, the queen, Hamlet and the Polonius family. With Claudius died, peace is finally restored to the State of
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