Corruption In Brave New World

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Paulos Liu AP Language and Composition Link 12/16/12 The Corruption of Man In the United States, individualism is supported and valued, while still encouraging the importance of tolerating other cultures. Yet within this society, there are pressures to conform, and to not only tolerate, but to become another. In the novel, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley creates a world that, instead of encouraging toleration, brainwashes their individuals to create a homogenous society. Through Bernard and Lenina, Huxley comments on the corruption of the individual, and ultimately the society as a whole, because of the natural urge for acceptance. Huxley, through the rise of Bernard to a popular status, expresses the fall of an individual through the…show more content…
At an early point in the novel, Lenina’s only part of her life that separates her from the others is that she only sleeps with Henry Foster—almost everyone in her society has sex with everyone else. When her friend, Fanny, finds out about this, she makes an “incongruous expression of pained and disapproving astonishment.” During their conversation, Lenina attempts to protect herself, stating that she “sees nothing wrong with that.” However, in the end of their talk, she states that “to tell the truth, I’m beginning to get just a tiny bit bored with nothing but Henry every day”(42). Lenina fell to the pressure that Fanny put onto her. Superficially, Fanny influences Lenina to lose the only trait that makes her different from the others. However, this act not only makes her similar to the rest, it gives away her body—the literal embodiment of her being—to the others in the society. Although sex may seem trivial to their society, in today’s society, sex is generally considered a sacred act, an act that only the most intimate of couples do. Sex essentially gives one’s self to the other. With the lack of individuality, comes the lack of individual thinking. During a conversation between Bernard and Lenina, Lenina mentions that now, everybody’s happy. Bernard asks, “But wouldn’t you like to be free, to be happy in some other way, Lenina? In your own way, for example; not in everybody…show more content…
However, both fell to their desire to fit in, eventually becoming just another part of a homogenous society—not an individual, just like everyone else. The society has lost its great reformers and innovator, just for the stability of society. As Eric Hoffer, a American writer, said, “It is the individual only that is

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