Corruption From India Essay

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Corruption in India Corruption: defn- Act of bribery? Abuse of power? Deviation from moral norms of society?misuse of authority?nepotism? misappropriation? patronage (wrong support)? Favouritsm? etc...are these corruption? what about cheating in examination?Recommendation by a friend for a job?Unavailable clerks after signing the muster? Yes,We are not the only nation. US, Japan , England, France etc are all corrupt. But just look at the nature of corruption in these countries. It exists mostly in higher echelons of business giants, but here we pay(extra) for railway reservation, for a seat in school (even kindergarten), cinema tickets, gas cylinders, driving a bike without helmet, tax refund,the list goes on unending. We pay for getting legal and authorized things. probable causes:1.shift from "nation oriented" approach to "interest based" approach after 1967 in Indian politics 2.Economic policy of govt. Especially before liberalization, the license raj period, and a slap dash approach to liberalization after license raj.3. Scarcity of goods. When things are in short supply there are "Considerations".4. Change in value system and ethical qualities. Morality, service, honesty and sacrifice are now regarded anachronistic.5. Bad implementation of laws , lack of proper vigilance, power with ministers, unaccountability etc. Available laws and institutions: PCA (prevention of corruption Act) 1988, CVC (central vigilance), Administrative Vigilance Division, CBI etc. Myths of corruption: 1.Corruption a way of life.2. A post Independence phenomenon 3. Result of too much freedom and democracy. 4.Developing country of poor and of many illiterate people chances of dishonest and untrustworthy people. 5. Corruption spreads because of politicians etc are too crude and we all have to guard over selves against it. We know it happens, then why dont we report the cases?

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