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Corruption Essay

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Corruption in society

Information literacy
Lib100- M21
Spring 2011
Dominique Allen

What people do with their power at a work place or at home can affect others around them leading to many different corrupted areas in the society.

Xia, J., & Feng, B. (2007). Analysis of the Reasons and Countermeasures for Academic Corruption. Chinese Education & Society, vols 40(6),
This article was obtained on the database belonging to ebsco search engine. I chose this article because it had a lot of information on how corruption takes place and how it was found in the system n corrected. It gave plenty examples and details on the different systems that can get corrupted. It also showed and helped me understand the outcomes that may happened when you interact in this tension. Show how this is a crime n how cases arise.

Shishkin, P. (2011). The Enemy We Need. World Affairs, 173 (5), 37-50.
This article was found on asa’s database using ebsco search engine. This was published during this current year so the information is currently updated. This is related to my thesis statement because it talks about different countries having political corruption. This article shows how affairs took place and things they did to discover n try prevent n help the situation. They gave lots of different situation and sources where corruption may have started. It also give specific reason why people looked into corruption and wanted to fix it. There were plenty laws made and those who were against corruption tried to look into it going on and bring it to justice.

Bates, J. (1980). Before Watergate (Book Review). American Historical Review, 85(2), 452
This book explains how corruption is defined and the effects it has on society.   How people use and abuse their power they have obtain to persuade situation into their favor.   It uses examples for history and different case that was developed form the use of corruption.

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