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Corruption Instructor: April 19, 2014 Corruption means dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people (such as government officials or police officers); these are just a few things that can breed corruption, and the societies suffer, and the resources are wasted and people in power gain control of how things should run. Why do these things happen? Is it greed? Looking at Transparency international’s they promote tools that can reduce the risk and opportunities for corruption; they monitoring public processes, they use reliable diagnostics for mapping corruption, and get the individual and institutions imaginative solutions and challenges in countering corruption. (Transparency International , 2014) In businesses, corruption can lead up to hefty fines, damaged reputations, people can go to jail, and it doesn’t always bring in profits. Corruption can distort markets and creates unfair competition, they pair their bribes, and they hide their fraudulent acts behind doors and behind their partner’s backs. They go from energy to healthcare which has the deeper pockets that they can make these works for themselves. (Transparency International , 2014) Each year there is a large sum of taxpayers’ money that is being spent by the government on goods and services, for example building different types of buildings, buying computers for school and medicines for hospitals, which is very important. When the money is going for the right places, it keeps these people from being less tempted in corruption. (Transparency International , 2014) The down side of this is that if a public contracts the overall value about 25% will disappear into people who are corrupted. But corruption in public procurement doesn’t just mean citizens’ money wasted. It means that the public’s needs are not fairly and properly considered when projects are designed and

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