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Corruption is one of the main issues in international relieve policies, through the last five (5) decades to improve the living conditions of the world. This requires a close attention to developing countries. According to pope of transparency international provides for a concern Corruption at the highest levels distorts competition so denying the public access to the competitive marketplace. It induces wrong decisions resulting in: wrong projects, wrong prices, wrong contractors, substandard delivery to recoup overpricing, promotes corruption at lower levels and eroded public confidence in leaders. At lower levels, petty corruptions are damaging because they add to transaction costs, exclude those who cannot pay, foster contempt for public servants amongst public and erode capacity for revenue collection. The conclusion that “corruption is bad” has led many governments’ encouragement groups and international groups to bestow considerable resources to identifying and deterring corruption. However, a focus on addressing the causes of corruption has often been lacking. The research analyzes the factors contributing to corruption in the civil service in the developing countries. It is understood that corruption damages the political, social and economic effects of society. Corruption contributes to political volatility, destabilized governmental institutions such as customs, taxes and revenue generating units. However the causes and consequences of corruption are quite difficult to distinguish from other issues and broader effects such as fraud and money laundering as well as capital movement there is great emphasis placed on the deformation effects of corruption. There is an increase in international compromise in expansion dissertation on the harmful effects of corruption on the poor, economic growth as well as public integrity. Public sector

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