Corruption Essay

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The first topic I found interesting on the site was corruption in health care and how it could be deferential to the ones who cannot afford it. I never knew the world of health care experienced such factors of corruption of which I found within the article. Low income people are those who are seriously affected because they depend on the government to provide health care for them but what are they to do if the government is scamming to find ways around it. People are being overcharged hospital fees as well as paying for medication that should be free. My grandfather experienced this last year when the nurse told him he could receive his medication cheaper than at the pharmacy. He paid her for the medicine at the hospital. When he went back the following month we found out that he had been sold trail-size medication that was free to qualifying patients. This article goes as far as discussing fake and altered medicines sold to health services. People rely on health care facilities to serve them as best as possible therefore they should be treated with quality medicines and should not have their health jeopardized simply to generate profit for someone else. The second article on corruption I found interesting was corruption in the world of education. Everyone should have a right to an education. Funds that are meant to be used for educational purposes are schemed off of for other causes. This takes away from the quality of education that a person receives. The article mentioned that this affects every level of schooling up to universities. I attended a public high school and our English IV teacher tried to get us to purchase our textbooks which should have been provided free of charge. The teacher was reprimanded for her actions but this goes to show corruption at all levels other than just governmental. Taking money from the educational budget also deprives

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