Corrupting Power Of Ambition 'And Macbeth Retold'

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English Essay The essay statement ‘Shakespeare writes about issues that are relevant today,’ I believe that this statement is correct as though societies have developed and evolved since Shakespearian times; the base structure of our emotional desires remain the same. These issues are illustrated within Shakespeare’s literature ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’. Though it was composed in 1606 over 400 years ago. These themes are also displayed with the recent interpretation of the play; ‘Macbeth Retold’ this film was directed by Mark Brozel during the year 2005. The themes that have been illustrated with in both of the texts are Manhood, the next theme to be discussed is The Corrupting Power of Ambition- an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power. Both the text and film use a variety of techniques mainly being emotive language. Within the play, Shakespeare writes about manhood- the condition of being an adult male as distinguished from a child or female. A theme still…show more content…
What kind of man is it that doesn’t feel humiliated in the position you’re in? What man is that?” Ella rants to Joe questioning his ability as a man as he lives within the shadow of his boss Duncan, when he does all the work letting Duncan claim the credit and bathe in the fame. Adding this to the rage from the knowledge that Duncan’s son is next in line to run the restaurant, Joe unleashes his rage, killing Duncan with a knife from the kitchen. To prove that his is a ‘man’ to Ella. A modern example with in our community is displayed in the Australian Government, where Julia Gillard, demonstrating that manhood isn’t solely distributed to men as she is the ‘top dog’, creating a matriarch government system. Where she pushes the boundaries, as she is known to be fiery and aggressive, pushing the boundaries manhood to new

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