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Corrupt College Athletics Essay

  • Submitted by: sparker55
  • on December 9, 2010
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Corrupt College Athletics

      What has happened to our college education system? It seems that universities and colleges focus more on athletics now and have pushed academics to the back seat.   According to the article, “Education, Athletics: The Odd Couple” written by Sally Jenkins, recruited athletes are four times more likely to be admitted to the Ivies than other students.   She states that “recruited athletes have lower SAT scores than their peers by 119-165 points, and they chronically under-perform academically” (409).   This is completely unfair and wrong.   In this article Jenkins effectively uses tone, metaphors, and formal diction to persuade her readers to her view of college athletics.

      Firstly, Jenkins uses a few different tones in this article but she starts with the negative feelings she has about our corrupt NCAA athletic system.   She states “This is where the real trouble begins, because college athletics have increasingly become a matter of competing moralities.   And they have always been extremely human, corrupt, and mistaken-prone endeavors, too” (410).   Later in the articles Jenkins switches to a more sarcastic tone talking about how there are differences and problems with in the same athletic programs. She says “Ohio State, for instance will have 105,000 people at the football game on Saturday, and about 200 at the women’s soccer game.   Yet both sports are supposed to be part of the same school, program, values, efforts, and management” (411).   Jenkins switches from several different types of tones because each tone engages the reader and grasps their attention which ultimately makes the reader understand and enjoy her article more.

      Secondly, Jenkins uses several different metaphors in her article.   The first one she states “People who want to apply pat reforms or even a consistent philosophy to college athletics are simply barking up the wrong tree—and perhaps the worst tree we can bark up these days is to assume that...

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