Correlation Between Capacity Building and Job Performance Essay

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Whether a programme or intervention leads to longer- term change may need to be assessed in sufficiently flexible ways to allow for often unrelated changes in the wider context. This is a particularly difficult task when dealing with a multiplicity of actors and complex partnerships commonly involved – and has been likened to ‘nailing jelly’. Perhaps a more realistic challenge is to demonstrate what contribution the specific programme in question made to the resulting change rather than trying to define ‘attribution’ (Mayne 1999). Ultimately this raises the question of whether we are missing the point by endlessly searching for impact based on cause and effect relationships which may or may not exist? Whether it is both feasible and valuable to connect the two is based on the assumption that there is a direct linear relationship between them, where in reality there is a much more complex and sporadic set of connections. The effect of an intervention may not be automatic or immediate, it may lay dormant over a period of time or there might be multiple responses. What may therefore be needed is a more fundamental debate about whether there really is a development argument for making the connection between cause and effect or whether the link is only justified as a requirement by donors. necessary to initially reach some consensus about the wider process and purpose of capacity building and how it occurs. Experience also suggests there is a need to clarify why any impact assessment exercise is being undertaken. All too often such exercises suffer from confused objectives and contradictory purpose because of the failure to clarify roles and apply terms appropriately (see section 1.1). Evidence from the field confirms that those involved in designing impact assessment processes need to distinguish these different roles, if only to ensure

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