Corrections and Treatment Essay

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The Juvenile Justice System has two main types of treatment for juvenile delinquents: Community based treatment programs and institutional treatment or juvenile correction programs. The main goal of these programs is to rehabilitate juveniles while they serve the time determined by the courts. (Juvenile Delinquency. The Core. 2005) Community based-treatment programs focus on three treatment efforts described in chapter 14 which are to provide care, protection and treatment for juvenile offenders. One way of accomplishing these efforts is by providing counseling services both in individual and group setting sessions. There are other types of community programs discussed in the chapter such as foster homes, boarding schools and small-group homes. The main purpose of community programs is to change society’s opinion that juvenile offenders are not a threat to the community and also to offer juveniles a chance to rehabilitate in their own community. (Juvenile Delinquency. The Core. 2005) Institutionalization is the probation period assigned by the courts to a juvenile offender in which the juvenile promises to abide by the terms of his sentence while in the care and supervision of the correction facility. Institutional facilities are operated by state, federal and county government agencies and their operations are based in monitoring juveniles in a closed environment with interior fenced controls and locked exists. Juveniles requiring long term treatments are sent to reformatories, ranch or forestry camps, and boot camps. However, institutionalized juveniles often experience abuse, limited treatment, and lack of well-training staff in correctional facilities. When juveniles are subjected to abuse and lack proper treatment in correctional facilities the chances of their rehabilitation becomes less effective resulting in higher rates of repeat juvenile offenders.

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