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Corrections Essay

  • Submitted by: CHIEF19
  • on December 3, 2013
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The “system” failed Rebecca Schaeffer because when Robert John Bardo actually committed the crime in 1989, it was the third time that Bardo has gone after her. Security guards and the private investigator, that Bardo hired, could have been descent enough to notify the proper authorities. But then on the other hand, the “system” failed Robert John Bardo as well. He has been mentally unstable and stalking women way before any of this unfolded. He admitted he did the crime but still wasn’t stable enough to enter a plea of not guilty. He should’ve entered an insanity plea.
Again, with R. Schaeffer’s’ security guards and Bardos’ PI going to the authorities, this fatal crime could’ve been prevented. Even though Bardo was born mentally unstable and raised by a mentally unstable mother, he was not found mentally incompetent to stand trial for his horrific crime.
Everyone that is connected to both parties, R. S. and R. J. B., are at fault when asked if they could’ve prevented this crime. The security guards didn’t speak up and let anyone know that Bardo tried to reach Schaeffer. Bardos’ own brother could’ve prevented it and not bought his mentally unstable brother a hand gun. I think that if anyone is an accomplice to this crime it would be his brother. He knew about Robert stalking these women and knew of his mental illness. So why buy him a gun? Then, also the Private Investigator could’ve reported Bardo when the only thing he wanted was to locate the where a bouts of this woman. That sounds kind of strange by itself. I don’t believe that there were many people in the 80’s asking Private Investigators to locate the address of certain people.
In the confession interview, Bardo admits to killing Ms. Schaeffer with strange and unusual behavior. He acted out everything he did that morning. On the tape, he acted out the sounds of the gunshot and of the dying actress screaming "Why, Why?" When asked about how he...

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