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Oshane Martin Intro to Criminal Justice 101 Spring 2009 Correctional Officer Anton Sanders have been a New York City correctional officer for fifteen years. Sanders have been working on Rikers Island which is an island off North Queens but administratively in the Bronx, New York City, in the East River: site of New York City penal facilities for ten of those fifteen years that he has been in service. I really appreciate sanders for devoting ten hours of his time over a period of five days to help me with my research. According to Sanders “Corrections officers, aside from frequently putting their lives on the line, are a combination of police officers, social workers, counselors, security specialists, managers, and teachers. A corrections officer oversees individuals who have been arrested, are awaiting trials, or who have been convicted and sentenced to jail. While many think all corrections officers do is observe inmate behavior to prevent fights or escapes, their responsibilities reach far beyond this. A corrections officer in a small county jail or precinct station house may also serve as deputy sheriff or police officer, whereas an officer in a large state and federal prison will have highly specialized duties, such as overseeing prisoner transfers”. Even though this field may seem very bad according to my interviewee, this is the field of work that I would like to get involved with as soon as I graduate from college. As I move closer to graduation, my interest in this field have grown tremendously which keeps pulling me in the direction to ask more questions about being a correctional officer or make bad officer according to professor McCrie. One of the most important questions that I have asked officer sanders is what is the nature of the work? Sanders stated “Correctional officers, also known as detention officers, are responsible

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