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Corrections and Treatment C. Olah CJS/240 Community based treatment involves protecting treating and supervising juvenile delinquents released into the community rather than placing them in an institution. Juveniles who commit offenses which are minor are released into community based treatment. Juveniles who commit violent crimes are committed to institutions and receive institutionalized treatment. It is believed among experts that to institutionalize a juvenile only makes the problem worse and does not offer the juvenile any chances at rehabilitation. It is believed that releasing a juvenile to community based programs such as probation, counseling, or community service offers the juvenile to be rehabilitated and is given a chance to have a better start in the community. Probation is a community based treatment program that offers a juvenile a chance to become rehabilitated under the supervision of a juvenile probation officer. The probation officer is responsible for the juvenile by meeting with the juvenile’s family, friends and school. A probation officer attempts to counsel the juvenile and lead them in the right direction, if the juvenile fails to follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the judge, the juvenile will be sent to an institution until the time is served. Probation is an important aspect of community based treatments, this allows a juvenile to make amends and receive the support necessary to encourage the delinquent to make better choices. Probation offers the chance to get out of the negative path that a juvenile can find themselves on. Restitution is another form of community based treatment where a juvenile is ordered to pay a fine to the victims whom the crime was committed against or the juvenile may be required to serve in community service activities where a juvenile is required to give back to the community for a certain

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