Corporate Responsibility in Corporation Essay

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Introduction Nowadays, we live in a world where 88 percent of young people believe that companies have a responsibility to support social causes and 86 percent of them say that they switch brands based on social issue. Coca-Cola is popular in the worldwide and Vietnam, actually they advertise quite too much about their corporate social responsibility in many regions in Vietnam such as “Clean Water for Communities” and “Biz-in-life Workshops”, however, it turns out that they evade taxes by using transfer pricing, resulting in huge tax losses for Vietnam. In addition to that, they are notoriously famous for being ranks #11 in tax avoidance among U.S. multinational companies, stashing $13.9 billion (137 times its grants) in cash in offshore accounts. Nevertheless, in the US, many big corporations like Ford Motor Company has carried out many actions after widespread drawbacks such as low quality products polluting CO2 into the air, on the website of Ford, they have delivered a message that the company will go natural and make a better world. It is not surprised to say that the vow made by Ford chairman to be the world’s most environmentally friendly auto maker, however, turns out years later that their new model named Excursion is far from that vow. Until now, Ford autos are still polluting the most among others. Therefore, I do not believe that many of these business managers would not be able to hold on to their promises. My arguments will be clarified by arguing in the context of community, employers and environment. Community The stockholder theory holds that you are primarily responsible to the stockholders who have entrusted you with their money for the explicit purpose of increasing profits and not to engage in charity with other people’s money. The stockholder theory whose leading spokesman was Milton Friedman argued that the only social responsibility of
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