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August 31, 2011 Corporate governance & risk management in Asia Asian MBA Inseec Group 1 corporate governance and risk management in Asia 2 August 31, 2011 Professional purpose of the course   This course has for objective to : Explain to the students the major changes impacting the business environment in Asia ( emergence of Corporate Governance in China , implementation of Japanese SOX related to listed Japanese corporation , adoption of IFRS Small and Medium enterprise in Vietnam , Thailand, etc) Explain to the students the impact of Internal control and risk management processes on their activities (performance of self assessments in Japan or in China, design of mapping of risks) and changes impacting their effective contribution , Understand the purpose associated to the production of major non GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting principles ) used in ASIA (EBITDA , EBIT , free cashflows) and the impact on performance and creation of value for listed corporations (Japan & China) corporate governance and risk management in Asia   3 August 31, 2011 Training purpose       Explain to the students the reasons and the mean of implementation of both Full IFRS on the one hand and IFRS SME Small and Medium Entreprise (in Vietnam , Thailand for example) , on the other hand, with a benchmark between Full IFRS in EEC and US GAAP in USA Explanation of the major changes between Domestic GAAP and FULL IFRS (benchmark between Chinese GAAP –IFRS and Benchmark between Japanese GAAP and IFRS) Explanation the structure of consolidated financial statements using IFRS , of segment and interim reporting-benchmark with IFRS SME in Vietnam , Thailand Understanding of the major non GAAP used by listed Chinese and Japanese corporations and the mean of reconciliation with Full IFRS Performance of a financial analysis of listed

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