Corporate Finance Outline

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Unit code: Accg 808 Unit Name: Corporate Finance Semester Two Year 2010 Department of Accounting and Finance MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS UNIT OUTLINE Year and Semester: 2010 Semester 2 Unit convenor: Siang Chang Prerequisites: Financial Management or Equivalent Credit points: 4 Credit Points Students in this unit should read this unit outline carefully at the start of semester. It contains important information about the unit. If anything in it is unclear, please consult the lecturer. About this unit The objective of this unit is to explore the theory and application of corporate finance issues at an advanced level, and to equip students with the required depth of knowledge and skill expected of a professional. The unit will revise basic financial concepts, valuation techniques and topics covered in earlier finance courses. This will prepare the students to learn more complicated theoretical issues and analytical techniques, and enable them to apply their knowledge to a real life corporate finance project. Teaching staff Siang CHANG Mobile: 0411 954 519 Consultation times By arrangement via email. Classes There will be eleven lectures and two exams. The lectures will be: Mon Room E4B 314, 2pm to 5pm Wed Room E4B 314, 2pm to 5pm Wed Room E4B 314, 6pm to 9pm Prizes Student with the highest overall mark in Corporate Finance will be recommended to receive a prize from the Department of Accounting and Finance Required and Recommended texts and/or materials ACCG808 Corporate Finance, 2nd Edition (ISBN: 978007028830-0), Custom Publication prepared by Siang Chang The custom publication is compiled from the chapters as follows: Principles of Corporate Finance by Brealey, Myers and Allen, McGraw Hill
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