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EDITORS MOULI GHATAK RAHUL RAVI SAGAR KAPOOR SUMIT PAL SINGH MENTORS HARISH THANGARAJ LAVANYA R FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK Warren Buffet “Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction” - TEAM MARK2MARKET Alka Katiyar Abhinav Gupta Abhinav Minnala Akash Krishnatry Balajee Rao Diwakar Shukla Gaurav Widhani Kunal Verma Partha Pratim Rucha Pundle Sahil Bansal Shilpa Taneja Sohini Banerjee Soumitra Sahu Srinjoy Saha Venkat Raman It’s a while sinceMark2Market took its first step. The encouragement we received from the readers was infectious! We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for that. The time now is ripe for it to march on with its second edition. We have gleaned some intriguing topics from the realm of Finance for your perusal. Warren Buffet, one of the most venerable investors of recent times once reflected, “Derivates are a weapon of mass destruction”. The proponents of these instruments would like to believe otherwise. Like wise the shady world of Derivatives brings in both its advocaters and naysayers in equal measure. The cover story for this issue does an indepth analysis of a particular type of Derivative, Credit Default Swaps. The impending launch of these derivatives in India and the manner in which the market reacts, would be a riveting thing to follow. The finventory section has articles on diverse topics by students ranging from the tool of transfer pricing to the equation between two very different sectors of Finance and social media, to shedding some light on the recommendations analysts give to the companies, to some gyan on PIP and last but not the least, a brief follow up on the European financial turmoil. A special thanks to all the contributors for their efforts! On the lines of the first edition, the best three articles in this issue will also be awarded prize money. Apart from these, the section on Industry

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