Corporal Punishment Outline

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I. Introduction A. Thesis Statement Is corporal punishment needed to discipline children? Body paragraph #1 - Topic Sentence #1 There are many ways to punish your children and corporal punishment just happens to be one of them. In today’s society, people are starting to realize the side effects of physical abuse. Supporting Evidence Corporal punishment is defined as the use of physical force causing pain, but not wounds as a means of discipline (“Educate, don,”1999). B. Explanation It becomes very difficult to draw the line between the line of abuse or corporal punishment. So What? If that intention isn’t there and you are spanking just because you can, then that now becomes abuse. III. Body paragraph #2 - Topic Sentence #2 Teachers have probably the hardest job in today’s society. They have to watch what they say, and do. Not too many schools use corporal punishment anymore because they are scared of being sued by a parent. The schools that do use corporal punishment usually use a smack on the hand or even a spanking on the child’s bottom. A. Supporting Evidence Prof. Victoria Talwar of McGill University and Prof. Kang Lee of the University of Toronto, performed an experiment with 63 kindergarten’s and first graders at two African private schools. At one school they used corporal punishment and at the other they used time outs and verbal reprimands. They found that overall performance was the same at both schools for the kindergarten students. Now the first grade students showed different results. B. Explanation In the short term, it may not have any negative effects; but if relied upon over time it does not support children's problem-solving skills, or their abilities to inhibit inappropriate behavior or to learn C. So What? if the child lets corporal punishment affect him at school, that can interfere with their learning ability. IV. Body paragraph
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