Coronary Artery Disease Essay

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Coronary Artery Disease Everything you need to know about Coronary Artery Disease Deanna Zbikowski HS200-05 Unit 8 Capstone Project: Coronary Artery Disease Kaplan University 07/05/2014 Being recently diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease I’m sure that you will have many questions and what options you have. In this handout you will have answers to all those questions. We will talk about diagnostic testing, complementary and alternative medicine, the prognosis, and treatment options you have. Your doctor will talk about tests to diagnose Coronary Artery Disease such as Electrocardiogram (ECG), Echocardiogram, stress test, Cardiac catheterization or angiogram, heart scan, and Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA). An electrocardiogram is a machine that records electrical signals that pass through your heart. This test can show if you are having a heart attack or if you have previously had one. Sometimes a different type of ECG is suggested. This is called Holter monitoring and it is when you wear a portable monitor for one day while you live your life as you normally would. This would show if there was inadequate blood flow to your heart in which you would have Coronary Artery Disease. An Echocardiogram is a test that uses sound waves to make an image of your heart on a monitor. During this test, your doctor can see if all of the parts of your heart are working and pumping normally. Indications for this test that you would have Coronary Artery Disease would be when the doctor sees that some parts of the heart that are moving weakly and that may be because of a heart attack, it could have damaged those parts or if there wasn’t enough oxygen being received. The symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease usually occur when people are exercising and during a stress test your doctor might have you do things like ride a stationary bike or walk on a treadmill

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